Consistent Daily Devotions Are Powerful – a Guest Post

From Tim Price:

For over three years, Dannette McKellar has been the editor of this blog. It’s a huge ministry to finetune the posts so they can serve as an effective resource to hundreds of pastors, church staff leaders, parents, and Christians in general. We’re grateful for each reader who is connected. Besides editing, Dannette writes and shares brief daily devotionals on something she is learning from scripture. Thank you, Dannette, for your partnership and ministry!

Dannette writes …

During the 2020 pandemic, all my service opportunities were put on hold. That’s when God led me to serve by encouraging others with messages from the journaling I do in my daily quiet time. I began sending daily devotional messages to my Bible study group. As time went on, God expanded the list to include other interested family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. (During that season, He also led me to serve by editing this blog.)

Writing these messages is like manna for me. I don’t write ahead or come up with a list of ideas. Many days, I feel empty as I open my journal and Bible. Yet God always gives me something to share for that day. He feeds me with His Word as He did the Israelites with manna (Exodus 16). Here is a sampling from the years I’ve been writing them.

Quiet time on the deck isn’t so quiet. I hear singing birds, honking geese, and splashing water as frogs jump around. Such joyful sounds remind me of Psalm 148 and the Doxology. As the sun climbs higher into the cloudless sky, I remember last night’s amazing full moon. Nature doesn’t seem to notice the changes in our world; and that reminds me that our God is unchanging. His love is the same now and forever. And He is in control. Let’s praise Him!

April 2020

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning” (Psalm 30:5). Those words on a bookmark gave me hope as a teenager. Philippians 4:13 gave me strength to face difficult situations in my career. Philippians 4:6-7 helped me find peace during a time of anxiety. Psalm 119:89-112 reminds me that God’s Word sustains, restores, and guides me just as it has the generations before me. My path is different from the monks who painstakingly transcribed the early Bibles, but I have this in common: God’s Word is a light for my path. 

January 2021

Were anxious thoughts swirling in Jairus’ head when Jesus stopped because a bleeding woman touched His robe? “Why is this happening? My daughter is dying! Come on, Jesus, hurry!” Things got worse when messengers brought news that his little girl was dead. Yet Jesus had not forgotten him. Jesus stayed with Jairus until the little girl stood up and walked around at His command (Mark 5:21-43). God doesn’t always respond the way I want, dropping everything else to immediately meet my needs. But He never forgets me and He stays with me through whatever I face (Isaiah 44:21, Deuteronomy 31:8).  

May 2022
Dannette McKellar,
Editor of Tim Price Blog

How can Paul say to “stay away” from Christians who are idle and/or refuse to obey the commands in his letter? (2 Thessalonians 3:6-15). What about unconditional love, being in relationship with God over following rules, and not judging others? My questions remind me that I don’t know everything. I need God’s wisdom. I need to seek His will and listen to promptings from His Spirit. Thankfully, God welcomes my questions and He is generous with wisdom (James 1:5).

February 2023

How many times have I felt compelled to work, work, work without taking time to rest? Instead of accomplishing more, I lost motivation, experienced burnout, and found it hard to be joyful. No wonder God set an example of taking a day for rest after six days of creating the heavens and earth and everything in them. No wonder Jesus invites us to bring our weariness and burdens, and rest in Him (Genesis 2:1-3, Matthew 11:28). We need rest to be our best, joyful selves. Thank You, Lord, for Your gift of rest.

January 2024

In 2017, I committed to spend daily time in God’s word by reading and journaling. Consistent daily devotions have made a huge difference in my life, helping me to feel more of God’s presence, peace, and joy. I hope the messages I’ve shared encourage you to consistently spend time in God’s word. May God bless you greatly!

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  1. I am so grateful for Danette and her commitment to us to share her thoughts and devotions from God each day. What a wonderful blessing for all of us!

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