Three Critical Challenges Twentysomethings Must Face on The Way

Adolescence is expanding in America. In fact, it’s challenging to know when it ends. To make matters worse, the following societal changes don’t make it easy for emerging adults to strike out on their own:

  • Parenting style and engagement;
  • A challenging economic season where buying a house or paying rent can restrict moving out;
  • Cultural norms include delaying marriage, more education and degrees, and growing debt.

These make it difficult for post-high school students to begin navigating life. Here are three critical challenges this group faces as they move into adulthood:

  1. Becoming Responsible: Taking their jobs, educations, finances, and decisions seriously.
  2. Becoming Relational: Building quality relationships, transitioning from high school-style friendships, and embracing new relational realities with parents and family members.
  3. Becoming Relevant: Discovering places where they can grow and invest their skills to impact their world.

I’ve been reading Failure to Launch: Why Your Twentysomething Hasn’t Grown Up … and What to Do About It by Mark McConville. It’s an awesome book for parents who may be worried about their twentysomethings finding the right place.

It’s tough to get stuck in a place where it feels hard to move ahead, especially regarding these three “R’s” – Responsibility, Relationships, and Relevance.

Twentysomethings need to ask and answer these questions:

  1. Am I capable?
  2. Will I be taken seriously?

As parents, we need to notice when emerging adults resist the simple things we know they can easily accomplish.

I’m praying for your emerging adults to pass through the challenges of Responsibility, Relationships, and Relevance.

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