Christmas: Less About More and More About Less.

cmasHere’s an emphasis for this Christmas Season.

Christmas: less about more and more about less.

Less About More:

Make less of commercialized, individualized, over scheduled hoopla.  Don’t allow the stress of the Christmas Season to dampen the joy.  You don’t need to shop shop shop only to start the new year in more debt.  You don’t have to give something big to everyone. Think creatively and simply. Be thankful and joyful as you spend time this season with your friends or family.  Don’t make the focus of Christmas all about more!

More About Less:

Instead, make more of less.  Highlight the simple things.  Family traditions.  Christmas stories.  Advent calendars and devotions.  Attend worship with your kids or your parents. Spend evenings at home to enjoy the Christmas tree.  Don’t join the chorus of the minuscule percentage of people who, for whatever reason, are trying to eradicate Christmas from our culture. And don’t join the chorus that berates those people either.  Be joyful.  Be generous.  Give money to the poor.  Make much of Jesus. Make his humble story the focus.  It was more about less when Jesus became one of us.

Emmanuel, God With Us.  It’s simple really.  It’s Christmas.


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