Harvest: The Next Five Years

188490_678446810368_37705994_37131327_4057988_n.jpg188490_678446810368_37705994_37131327_4057988_n.jpgvision2With 2014 comes a milestone for our ministry – the 25th year.  As we have been reflecting on all that God has done through Harvest Ministry, it’s caused us to look to the future.  Here’s Harvest: The Next Five Years.

INCREASE Harvest Staff, specifically working with Harvest Conferences.  

DEVELOP the Harvest Foundation, for purpose of providing training, conference scholarships and ministry internships. 

IDENTIFY, create and organize more opportunities for mission and growth in young adults and millennials in our church. 

EQUIP ministry leaders through training events, consulting and coaching. 

CONTINUE to provide worship leadership, music resources, and speaking for retreats, conferences, camps and special events.  

We’re trusting in God to lead us by His Holy Spirit – knowing that apart from Him nothing will be accomplished.  We’re praying for fruit that will last!

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