5 Great Traits for Family Gatherings During Holidays

Here are some attitudes that help make the family celebrations great ones as you get together over the holidays.   These are free, beneficial and almost always well received.  I’m blessed with an easy-going family – on both sides. But, I’ve heard stories of the stress of holidays as people have met with in-laws, siblings and extended … Read more

5 High Impact Last Minute Christmas Ideas For Pastors

“I can’t believe it’s December!”  I’ve heard it more than once. Time flies when you’re having fun and things really ramp up in the church during this season.  Maybe you’re behind in planning.  Or maybe you just want to do something a little different.  Here are five high impact ideas that you still have time … Read more

Christmas: Less About More and More About Less.

Here’s an emphasis for this Christmas Season. Christmas: less about more and more about less. Less About More: Make less of commercialized, individualized, over scheduled hoopla.  Don’t allow the stress of the Christmas Season to dampen the joy.  You don’t need to shop shop shop only to start the new year in more debt.  You … Read more

A Christmas Poem

Gifts and presents all over the floor Wrapping and boxes and bags galore. The fastest day of the year – for kids – is done It’s been big whirlwind, but it sure was fun.   We got Furby quiet and got the new dolls to sleep Now the kids are in bed and not making a peep. And I’m awake grateful, reflecting … Read more

Christmas Creates Within Us…

I recently read an article about how “Christmas creates within us a more generous, loving, and kindhearted spirit” more than any other season or day of the year!  I thought that was a great witness to the message of Christmas – that Christ has come to change the world.  It’s because of his birth – his coming … Read more

Christmas Encounters

I’ve been reading the Christmas Story over this last week. So many components from the Christmas story begin with an encounter or experience with God. Zechariah: An angel told him he would have a son.  Because of his disbelief, he wasn’t able to speak until the baby was born. Mary: God chose Mary to be … Read more