A Christmas Poem

Gifts and presents all over the floor
Wrapping and boxes and bags galore.
The fastest day of the year – for kids – is done
It’s been big whirlwind, but it sure was fun.
We got Furby quiet and got the new dolls to sleep
Now the kids are in bed and not making a peep.
And I’m awake grateful, reflecting and quiet
Pondering the day – oh, what a riot.
I love the chaos, it doesn’t get on my nerve,
My life’s a blessing – none of it I deserve.
And I think about the expectation of both of my kids
Christmas morning  – their excitement – was popping their lids!
The anticipation, the joy, the fun and the squeals
And yet tonight my mind is spinning and working the wheels.
I wonder what part of Christmas is deep in my heart
I wonder if somehow I’ve overly picked it apart?
I know the basics, understand them to my core
But I wonder, if this year, it means something more.
I’m can’t pinpoint the feeling – but I’m so glad I have it
It’s like something in stirring – getting me out of the habit.
It’s the habit that seems to form each year I guess
Pushing and shoving and wanting the best
Striving so hard to have it my way
Forgetting, sometimes, that…  you know what I’m trying to say.
But I’m reminded again – God came so simply
He wasn’t pushy – in fact, voluntarily wimpy.
But the change that happened in the world through him
Is a power that’s at work in little ‘ole Tim.
And I think as this poem rolls out of my heart
I’m discovering that I’m really a part
God with us… a miracle of faith
This year, I want to live more in that grace.
It’s simple.  Refreshing.  And oh what a joy.
I feel like a child with 50 new toys.
Thank you Lord for the reminder tonight
That it’s you here among us that makes things so right.
Merry Christmas today, tomorrow and next month
Though I wouldn’t say it in January – that’d drive me nuts.  
– Tim Price

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Poem”

  1. Loved the poem. Our Christmas was shared with some people in need and it made my heart overflowing with joy, so much more than giving and receiving stuff that is frivolous. Thanks for sharing!

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