Christmas Encounters

I’ve been reading the Christmas Story over this last week. So many components from the Christmas story begin with an encounter or experience with God.

Zechariah: An angel told him he would have a son.  Because of his disbelief, he wasn’t able to speak until the baby was born.

Mary: God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus.  Through an encounter with an angel, she became aware of this.

Joseph: Joseph also had an encounter with God that he was to keep Mary as his wife.

Shepherds: The shepherds had an encounter with angels that proclaimed the messiah’s birth.

Wise Men: The wise men encountered God in a dream to go and then to go home another route.

Are there others you can think of in the Christmas story?

Today, we still encounter Christ at Christmas.  People’s hearts are more receptive around this season.  God speaks to us through his word.  There is a sense of joy.  The message of Christmas makes people more generous. A childlike spirit emerges in people and faith grows.  God is able to remind us again – in many ways – that Jesus has come to us.  He is here.  Emmanuel.


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