Three Things Young Adults Need

If a ministry to young adults is going to be viable, there must be movement.  The problem in many ministries is that there is too much talk and not enough doing. Here are three simple components that young adult ministries need in order to be successful.

1)  Spiritual Transformation – Young adults need to experience God at work in their midst.  They need to take hold of faith.  And faith needs to be rooted in them.

2) Social Connections – Young adults need to be connected to the body.  They need to have friends who are walking in faith and in the word.  Social connections and opportunities with other young adults, but also with the overall church – all ages.  Being connected socially with people provides friendship, accountability, and makes the wondering road of young adulthood easier to navigate.

3) Opportunities for service & mission – There’s not a better way to engage young adults than to invite them into mission.  Projects, ministry opportunities and missions – especially those that are short term – provide a great way for young adults to sink their teeth into something meaningful.

Are you a minister to young adults?  What else would you add to this list?


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