Why Spending Time Around Winners Is Important For You

time-around-winnersLots of leadership books have similar concepts when it comes to who you should spend your time being around. Some philosophies number people from one to ten, with the tens being people who energize you and the lower numbers draining your energy. I’ve also heard that your life is the average of the 5 people closest to you.

I’m not sure if Jesus really paid attention to these types of philosophies. It seemed that he preferred to be around those who weren’t so easy to love and hadn’t been much of a huge success.

However, I believe there is wisdom in heeding wise counsel and new ideas through relationships with those who may be ahead of us in faith or ministry roles.

I just finished fascinating little book called The Nine Super Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success by Marty Grunder. Marty started a grass mowing business in high school and through hard work, it developed into a $40,000 business while he was in college and now is a million dollar business, one of the largest in the Midwest. grunderlandscaping.com

Though this book was written back in the early 2000’s it contains lots of great stories and thoughts, once of which was about Mark Victor. Mark once asked another speaker how he does it – how he is so successful. Mark said, “I make a million a year, but I know for a fact you made 156 million last year alone.

The response he got back was a question, “Who is your mastermind group?”  Mark replied, “Millionaires, we’re all millionaires.

“That’s what you’re doing wrong – you need to be hanging out with billionaires – so you can think on a new level.”

And that was the catalyst Mark needed to turn his Chicken Soup For The Soul books into an empire a few years back.

In the ministry world, this is also needed…  There are lots of times that we are helping people.  But we must be intentional to meet with and surround ourselves with those who can help us grow.

Your mastermind group can:

  • help you chart waters they have already been through
  • help encourage you in areas they have already experienced
  • help bring perspective to issues they have already settled
  • help bring a fire to those things that are most important in life
  • help you grow your ministry and organization through their experience

How do we surround ourselves with those kinds of people?


When you read books from great authors, you are gaining wisdom and insight that you may not be able to gain any other way.


Most meetings with people who are able to help you move forward don’t just happen, they are planned, calendared and very intentional.


Who do you keep tabs on?  What other ministry leaders do you like to follow to get new thoughts, ideas and inspirations on a regular basis?


Who can you invite into your setting for a consultation, special event or ministry engagement? These short spurts typically provide opportunities for conversations, advice and growth.


One free way to surround yourself is through social media – who you follow on twitter an facebook can be important in your growth.


Old fashioned friendship rules apply as you seek to grow in your ministry by learning from others around you – reach out, be a friend, connect and open yourself up!


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