3 Surprising Ways To Become A More Friendly Person

Friendliness is about connections, interactions, smiling, staying in touch, waving, and being easy going. But here are three surprising ways to become more friendly today.

1)  Be An Audience – People love to tell about themselves. They love to make people laugh with their stories.  Be an audience for them.  Conscientiously listen and make sure they know you are listening.  Ask questions and connect.  Be genuine and generous with your “applause” as an audience – don’t just laugh at anything because you think you should.  But look for those times when you can genuinely respond as you are together.

2)  Be Confirming – Friendly people agree with what can be agreed upon.  They use phrases like, “I know what you mean,” or “Right,” or, “You’re like me” or  “I’ve been saying that a long time.”  Affirm the gifts people have.  Notice what people are good at and mention it.  Confirm your friendship by staying connecting and investing in them. If they order something you like, you can order it too!  If they choose a restaurant you like, let them know that’s a favorite of yours.

3)  Be Available – Timing is important for friendships. You have to have some flexibility and /or intentional time to build quality relationships.  Find ways to be connect.  Block your calendar.  Accept invitations to go when you are able. Make yourself available.  Everyone has to prioritize their time and making time for friendships is important.

Side note: Christians, especially, should be the friendliest people around. Everyone knows you won’t agree with everyone on everything, but you can still be friendly. Being friendly doesn’t mean you have to loosen your grip on your important beliefs and convictions. Being friendly doesn’t mean condoning those things that are morally wrong. It just means you’re kind toward people. Build a bridge. Be a light. A great witness begins with a simple step: being more friendly.


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