Radically Lead Your Church – With One Simple Word: LEAP!

radical-leapI recently read a book called Radical Leap by Steve Farber. His acronym for leadership unfolded throughout this fascinating story: LEAP – Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof. Here are some of the basic notes from that little book. I think these notes translate amazingly to pastors leading churches!


LOVE – Cultivate It!

Do you love your church?  Do you help build a culture of love among your leaders, your staff, your people and community?  Here are few questions you can ask yourself to help build this culture beginning in your own heart:

  1. Why do I love this church? 2. Why do I love these people? 3. How will we love this community?

Cultivating love should be a habit and a lifestyle, not an assignment. The benefits are numerous, not to mention, the mandate from Jesus to “love one another”.

ENERGY – Generate It!

Energy may be the most sought after commodity. With energy, we can help use our time wisely and we can make the most of every opportunity. Too often, we don’t live energetically – we take our cues from those around who mistakenly believe that a negative outlook is natural.

As a leader, you need to help generate energy among your staff and people! Take a moment to make a list of those things that give you energy. What are some of those things?  Great vision, new possibilities, challenges, great ideas, interesting work,mission, serving people, preaching the gospel?

Your actions have an effect on your energy, and as a leader, on the energy of those around you.  Forget about your title or the formality of your leadership role and lead from your heart – with energy.


AUDACITY – Inspire It!

Audacity is defined as the “willingness to take risks”! How are we going to change the world? The ministry of the church is one of hope. We have the authority and mandate to go into all the world, to serve people, and to make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Inspire your people to join together to accomplish the impossible – with God!  It may be time for pastors and ministry leaders to disregard the old constraints and attitudes and inspire congregations to move forward, grow in witness, and live a bold life as the church in your community.

PROOF – Provide It!

As a pastor or ministry leader, you must prove your willingness to lead radically. What have you done today to show your commitment to your team, your people and the world around you? What will you do today to demonstrate the power of your convictions? Jesus asked Peter to prove his love – by feeding his sheep.  What is God calling you to? Words are nice, but you must live out what you say you believe!

Pick up a copy of Radical LEAP: A Personal Lesson In Extreme Leadership. 


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