Five Ways Senior Pastors Make A Difference In Student Ministry

senior pastors make a difference in student ministry

There are things every Senior leaders does to make a difference in the student ministry.  Whether you are leading it yourself, working with a volunteer team or have a paid staff person, you have an obligation to make sure the church is poised to share the faith with the next generation.

Here are five ways Senior Pastors make a different in student ministry:

Champion the Cause

It seems like whatever the pastor is excited about, the church get excited about it.  You may not be directly involved in weekly meeting and programming, but you can help people get enthused about the student ministry.  Speak about your ministry proudly and strongly.  Encourage people to get involved and pray.  Help create frameworks for people to get involved in ministry to students!  Highlight the ministry.  Underscore your own testimony of how student ministry made an impact in your life.  Send a handwritten note to a student or two in your church now and then.

Be a Culture Builder

Build a culture in your church of reaching the next generation.  Help the church put priority on reaching the next generation and making that a part of the mission and vision.  You can do this through your words, your actions and your attitude toward student ministry.

Be a Presence

Build relationships with students as you are able to.  Get to know them.  Visit student ministry meetings now and then.  Greet students by name if you can.  Mention them in your messages from time to time and thank them / acknowledge their presence in worship.  Be a presence in the life of the student ministry worker in your church.  Be available to talk through things, set expectations for their roles and pray for them.  If you are able, attend a summer ministry trip or retreat with the students – those memories and that connection can literally carry your connection through the year.

Raise Money

Use your networks to help raise money for student ministry, for mission trips, for camp scholarships and in the budget. Fight for student ministry in committee meetings.  Be sure you are putting a financial priority on the ministry to the next generation.

Equip the student ministry leader

Support your student ministry staff and cheer them on.  It’s not easy work.  Your student ministry leader is dealing with nebulous and full family schedules, relational messiness, tedious administrative details all of which require executive team leadership skills, high tolerance for chaos and a love for teenagers.  Senior pastors must understand the nature of the work and help the leader grow. Make sure the budget is large enough to do effective work.  Hold them accountable to attend training and equipping events each year.



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