What Vision Is Not

What is your vision for ministry?

I recently heard what vision is not.

Vision Is Not A Goal

Goals are narrow and statistical. Vision is broad and warm in comparison.

Vision Is Not A Dream

Dreams are broad and inspirational. Vision is more narrow and contains biblical truth.

Vision Is In Not Values

Values are present in and help drive everyday ministry. Vision help focus and mobilize the ministry.

Goals, dreams and values all play into vision, but we must know where we’re headed. When a snapshot of the future becomes clear, it helps drive the entire organization.

One of my favorite vision quotes is, “Vision is discovered, not invented.” – Reggie McNeal

The best way to begin to discern and shape the vision of your church or ministry is to get closer to Jesus. Seek God. Read and listen to God’s word and pray. As you do, you will discover the vision for your ministry.

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