The Difference Between a Goal and a Vision

“A goal is a specific event that once achieved, becomes a piece of history to be superseded by a new goal. A vision or view of the future is an ongoing, evolving, hopeful look into the future that stirs the hearts and minds of people who know they will never see it’s end or limit.”  – Lead Like Jesus, Blanchard


Jesus had both goals and a vision.

The goals were simple steps:  go two by two into each town, have people sit down and pass this food around, follow me, come and see, go borrow the donkey, and on and on. Each goal was accomplished, became part of the story and they moved on to the next thing that may happen.

The vision was ongoing. Jesus had a vision for the kingdom. He spoke about his father and the kingdom of God. Jesus modeled a vision of listening to the father’s every word and acting on it. He lived into the vision of focusing on individuals, caring for the lost and showing God’s love to the world.

Goals are steps in the process. The vision is the overriding picture that motivates and calls us to invest.

What goals do you have in place for your team this season?

In what ways are you living into the vision for your ministry? How are you helping to inspire people with a dream in which they could see no end or limit? The church as a perfect opportunity to invite people to sink their lives into the gospel.

I recently heard the concept of adding a “0” to break out of the mundane and to spark vision and creativity. When you add a zero to a goal, it really requires you to think differently. It requires you to step out in faith. It’s just one little thing that came to mind as I was thinking about vision and a dream that would outlast simple goals. Instead of planning to reach 10, what would it take to reach 100?  Instead of raising $2000, what would it take to raise $20,000?

Create a hopeful look into the future that inspires people to dream big!  Then, keep working hard to achieve the little goals that help make it all happen.

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