Six Crucial Elements of Vision

Vision is really important for ministry leaders. Without vision, people perish as the writer of Proverbs states.

One of the primary goals for the leaders of the church is to seek God’s vision and act on it.

I’ve been reading a book called Advanced Strategic Planning For Churches and Ministry Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs and he had so much great stuff, including these six crucial elements of vision.


A vision is clear

It must be clear to the vision caster and the those who hear it.

A vision is challenging

It must be big enough to engage the hearts, minds and hands of many people.

A vision is a picture

The vision must be a vivid image in the minds of the people.

A vision is the future of the ministry

The vision must be effective and alive because it will become reality.

A vision can be

It’s possible with God.

A vision must be

Everyone is compelled to see it happen.


I once read a quote by Reggie McNeal that said, “Vision is discovered, not invented.”

Where is your vision taking you this fall?

What dreams do you have for your ministry?

In what ways are you discovering God’s vision for your church?

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