What is Vision? Here’s a Simple Answer.

I heard an interview with Tim Stevens, author of Vision: Lost and Found (The Story of a Church that got Stuck, but Didn’t Stay There).  Tim had a really simple way to look at what a vision is.  Here’s his definition:  A vision is simply a picture of a preferred outcome.  This simple definition is a great start to getting things on track in your church, in your home and in your life.

This caused me to think about what I want my ministry role, my family, my health and my finances to look like in three months and again in six months, a year and then beyond.  What changes do I need to put in place today so that vision of the future will become reality.

Just a few moments of reflection would be a help – even if you don’t get any farther than that brief moment.  However, coming to some conclusions, painting the picture and putting it down on paper will be a giant step toward to getting there.

What is the picture of your preferred outcome of the future?  Be specific.  Dream about it. Write down some practical steps and changes.  Pray for God’s guidance and strength.  And shoot for it!

For church leaders interested in this book, pick up a copy of Vision: Lost and Found: The Story Of A Church That Got Stuck but Didn’t Stay There.


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