Quotes From New Room Conference

Here are some of the notes and quotes I took during the New Room 2018 Conference. I highly recommend ministry leaders attend this conference next September 25-27, 2019 in Franklin, TN. (Visit the New Room Website for more information)


There’s something that is possible when I am the right standing with God that is not possible when I am not in right with standing with God. – Ashley Matthews


The world needs more than decency.  Are you living out of your power as a good person or are you going to allow God’s river to flow through you? – Ashley Matthews


People around us in desperate need of faith are going to need more than our good wishes. – Ashley Matthews


God has not brought you here to shame you: but He may have brought you here to unsettle you. – Ashley Matthews


If we’re only going to plant churches in communities that can afford it, we’re not doing the work of the body of Christ. – Damian Boyd


Maybe we need to repent because we’ve been all about church and not all about Jesus. – Damian Boyd, Vertical Church ATL


The anointing rides on obedience. – Mike Pilavochi


God’s love language is obedience. – Mike Pilavachi


We expect God to be more religious than he actually is. – Mike Pilavachi


God is speaking in the ordinary more than you can imagine. The only qualification to hear the voice of God is to be a sheep.  – Mike Pilavachi


Don’t try to replace the Holy Spirit with cool methodology. The church has to rely on God’s power! – Chirstine Caine


We don’t need to be in retreat mode as a church. We also don’t need to be in collaboration mode with the world. The power of the church comes from God’s Spirit! – Christine Caine


Jesus calls us to be in the world and not of it. Some Christians don’t want to be in the world at all. Even worse, other Christians are “of the world, but not in it!”  – Christine Caine


Jesus didn’t call us to be co-stars, He asked us to be co-laborers. – Christine Caine


Death happens when God’s people stop being the church and start doing church. – Christine Caine


Leading in worship is a priestly role for the Christian. – Scot McKnight


“If you have your Bible with you, turn it on…” – Scot McKnight / haha


If we’re not careful, we become connoisseurs of worship and not givers of worship. – Scot McKnight


The character of a pastor shapes the culture of the church. – Scot McKnight


God’s not looking for superstars, He’s looking for servants. Be a prayer warrior.- Scot McKnight


When we do ministry without oil in the lamp and a deep prayer life, it becomes performance.- Scot McKnight


No man or women is greater than their prayer life. – David Thomas


Revival happens through prayer and happens one person at a time. – David Thomas


My longing for God to move is greater than my fear of failure. – David Thomas


Worship is not about who is on the stage but who is on the throne. – David Thomas


There is no greater tragedy than a sick church in a dying world. – David Thomas


A fire without a fireplace is harmful. A fireplace without a fire is pointless.- David Thomas


General Notes:


There’s a lot of things in life you can’t choose, but you can choose your prayer life.


The percentage of 13 to 18-years-olds who claim to be atheist is double that of the general population.


Sometimes the more gifted you are the harder it is to depend on Him.


Worship is not about who is on the stage but who is on the throne.


Prayer and revival are inseparable.


Revival cannot be planned. It’s a powerful move of God’s spirit moving in people.


Where has God moved in your town in the past? God, if you did back then won’t you do it again?


The prayer meeting is God’s favorite hour.


The Holy Spirit is there to empower us to and make disciples.


Do we love the lost as much as Jesus?


Desperation is the greatest gift. We need a desperate church.


Administrative work can become apostolic work.


What if three or four people is Jesus preferred number of people to show up in?


Do you wish to have your heart set on fire?


You cannot keep what you will not give away.


Do we live like we want to see Jesus?


Are we seeking the kind of life that God will want to pour his spirit into?


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