Great Quotes From “Follow The Cloud”

Follow The Cloud by John Stickl is a great book to begin the year! I highly recommend this book to you. It’s good for people who serve in ministry to be reminded that our work flows out of our relationship with God. Our call is both a journey to love and know Jesus and reach the world. Here is a collection of quotes from the book:

  1. It’s time to erase always and never because with him everything is possible.
  2. We weren’t meant to live with insecurity. We were meant to live in security. 
  3. If we don’t enjoy God where we are, we won’t enjoy him where we are going.
  4. Freedom in Christ is not a one-time event, it’s a lifestyle.
  5. The Good Shepherd leads you through the valley you don’t want to go through to get to the green pastures you need.
  6. The wrong root will never produce the right fruit.
  7. Playing it safe is what keeps us from moving forward.
  8. A lot of us are bored in our faith because we are sitting on the sidelines watching others advance the kingdom.
  9. You don’t just have tickets to the game, you have a uniform. You should not be bored if you are following Jesus. Take the next step.
  10. And apathetic Christian is someone who has settled for eternal life someday instead of abundant life today.
  11. Simple obedience always brings significant breakthrough.
  12. Faith will take you further than you thought you could go, free you faster than you thought you could be freed, and release through you more than you thought you could give.
  13. Big people embrace small tasks because small tasks create big people.
  14. The church today too often thinks of the sermon as the main event in worship. Jesus is the main event.
  15. Insecurity is chronic self-consciousness.
  16. Sometimes it’s harder to trust God when he says wait then it is to trust him when he says go.
  17. God’s desire for the journey of the Israelite people was that his presence would be at the center of their lives, not the promises.
  18. Obedience is God‘s love language.
  19. You are as close to God as you want to be.
  20. Whatever you do with what God said yesterday will determine what you will hear tomorrow.
  21. We want his voice to be spectacular so we don’t miss it, but God wants his voice to be in a whisper so we don’t miss him.
  22. Secondhand of Jesus will never give us firsthand faith. There is no way Peter would’ve gotten out of the boat if you hadn’t heard Jesus for himself.
  23. Love makes you fearless.
  24. Repentance frees you to become who you already are in Jesus.
  25. Whoever owns you gets to define you. Identity always determines behavior.
  26. With Jesus no failure is fatal and no failure is final.
  27. You have to let go of what is in your hand if you want to discover what is in his heart.
  28. We don’t understand and then obey; we obey and then we understand.
  29. We have to remember Jesus isn’t a recruiter; he is an inviter.
  30. God never leads you out of something without leading you into something better.
  31. The greatest thing we can do for others is become the healthiest versions of ourselves.

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