What Our Kids Praise Band Is Like

During worship this weekend, our church’s youngest praise band led a song.  The 5-8 grade team (comprised of keyboard, bass, drums, percussion, guitar and vocals) lead during the late service at church.  They did a great job.

For the past three years, I’ve been leading the kids worship band at our church. I’m excited about what the outcome of this group is going to be.  At least two students from the jr. group have moved on to serve in ministry with the student ministry worship band.  There are a couple others who are getting ready to. I think, in the process of singing worship songs, learning instruments, keeping everyone going, that we are forming worshipers.

When they lead one or two songs for worship on a Sunday here and there, we always pray before hand.  We also make sure that they are smiling and enjoying it.  We always keep it simple enough so that they can succeed in witness through music and worship leadership.

Some of the ten students are learning an instrument as they go.  Some are learning vocals.  Some are learning sound.  Some have switched instruments as they have gone along.  In someways it’s a hodgepodge, in other ways, I see tons of fruit. We have some really talented musicians and leaders in that group.   In all ways, the spirit is at work in the lives of these students who meet from 6:00 – 6:30 every Wednesday night.

The practical / functional goal is to move a new crew into our student worship team – which has now grown to about half college / half older high school students.  The overall goal of the worship ministry in church is to teach kids to worship using their gifts in music (and other ways).

The group came up with the name for their team – Souled Out.  I thought it was catchy, though, currently, it’s the only band in the church that has an official name, and as a result, usually get reverted back to kids band or Jr. Praise Band when it’s being referred to.  But, the name itself is a great reminder of why we worship – to give our all to God, in thanksgiving and gratitude.

In addition to worship music, this group is also my “youth ministry” outlet. It’s an opportunity to rub shoulders with jr. high kids, which is a totally different, but fun world.

I’m praying for this group.  And praying for the future of our church as we serve in the ministry of worship together.

Does your church have a kids praise band?  What’s it like?


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