8 Simple Ministry Ideas

Through conversations and experiences over the last few weeks, here are some random ministry ideas – in no particular order:

Free Meal For You (Clinton, IA) – a couple in the church decided to give out lunches to underprivilaged.  Once a month, they brown bag 75 lunches and distribute them in different places around the community where people have need.  They now bag the lunches at church with the help of a team and they also receive money from different church members to aid in the cost of the supplies, which they typically just purchased on their own until that point.

Home Mission Trip (Indiana) – We have been participating in a “home” mission trip.  The students stay at church, wake up early and go strong.  The projects range from helping people around the community with yards to painting in a community ministry house.  Monday through Thursday is high school students only, then Thursday through Saturday the Jr. High students join in and become part of the week.  The High School students will then serve as mentors the last couple of days.

Weekly Secret Kids Trips – (Illinois)  – I heard of a children’s ministry leader who is taking a trip a week during the summer.  The days trips are simple and fun and don’t cost lots of money.  Parents bring their kids, drop them off at the bus (or go along) and they head out.  It’s a great way to build memories and relationships.

Kids Worship Bands (Lebanon, IN) – I recently talked with a guy who plays a little guitar and leads the kids bands at his church.  He has started several student bands there.  I resonated wtih this since I also am involved in the kids band at our church. Getting 4th – 8th grade students together in ministry through music is a huge blessing to the future of worship ministry in a church.  I also love this because the guy I met is a volunteer, with a regular day job and a passion for inviting kids in the kingdom through music.

Gampy Camp / Camp Cousins – I have heard about this a couple different times and recenly have been wanting to start something like this.  Of course, grandparents might be really in place to get something going…  so here’s the idea.  One grandpa, affectionately called “Gampy” sets up a week each summer where he goes to the house of his grandkids.  There, he takes over the schedule for a few days.  The itenerary is typed, distributed and the kids enjoy trips to museums, creating art with unique supplies, lessons, meals, camping, etc.  They never know what will happen.  People in the neighbohood wonder how they can sign up for “Gampy Camp”.  I also used to know of a young man whose granny hosted “Camp Cousins”, where all the grandkids (who had to at least be pottytrained to attend) signed up for a week of camp fun.

TOOF (Think Of Others First) – This passing comment was made by a guy who said this was his family motto.

Balderdash in a Group – Our summer ministry team stumbled upon a coffee shop where we sat and played the game of Balderdash.  The definitions in this game are great for a large group.  Simple display the word and five options on the screen.  Then, invite the large group to pick their answer (holding up fingers indicating 1-5 or physically moving to numbered areas around the room.  Once everyone has chosen, you reveal the correct defintion.

Prayer Tour – We experieced a prayer tour with the a high school group. Everyone quietly rode in vans around the city.  At certain points – placed like the courthouse, the jail, the hospital, a neighborhood, etc – we all got out, talked for a moment and prayed outloud in groups of three.

Ideas always abound, especially when a person travels in ministry. So, I thought I’d share a few of them with you.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to fill you in more!


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