3 Little Known Ways To Keep Discipline In Children’s Ministry

Over the years, I have been involved in ministry to children through special events, summer camps and The Light Kids Conference.  I know there is a difference between day in an day out ministry and the one shot special event or summer camp, but there are also lots of similarities.  There is always a range … Read more

25 One Line Lessons For Childen’s Ministry Leaders

We had a great time over the weekend meeting with Children and Family Ministry leaders from the Shiloh, IL area.  Thanks to Lindsay Vollmar and David Roderick for leading during the first ever Connection.  Thanks for your thoughts and your ministry! Here are some one line lessons from my notes of the day. We need to … Read more

What Our Kids Praise Band Is Like

During worship this weekend, our church’s youngest praise band led a song.  The 5-8 grade team (comprised of keyboard, bass, drums, percussion, guitar and vocals) lead during the late service at church.  They did a great job. For the past three years, I’ve been leading the kids worship band at our church. I’m excited about what … Read more

Why Connect With Children’s / Family Ministry Leaders?

“Children’s ministry will emerge as the most strategic opportunity in the church.”  This statement was made in a blog from The Youth Cartel entitled 10 trends that will shape the future of youth ministry. [read it here] I have to agree. Participation from children and the focus on children and family ministry is on the rise.  It … Read more

Three Things Every Kid Needs

Every kid needs the gift of delight.  In the story of David, there comes that point when all the boys were lined up as potential for kingship – except David.  Jesse didn’t think David would be the one, but Samuel, through the leading of the spirit, asked if there were others.  We all fall into … Read more

The Kids Conference Wrap Up…

The 2012 Kids Conference season has come to a close!  We finished the final event in Troy, IL on Saturday.  It was a great time of serving the church in this unique way – of pulling together gradeschool kids, their ministry leaders and parents for a day of learning and growing in faith. Thanks to the teams … Read more

The Light Kids Conference, Washington, IL

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of serving as the worship and leadership team for The Light Kids Conference inWashington,IL. The Light, a one day discipleship event for children in first – fifth grades, incorporates music, worship, recreation, fun Bible studies and lessons all centered around a theme. This year’s theme was The Heat Is … Read more

How Did David Get To Be David?

Creating conditions for kids in our ministries to love God, follow God and trust God! How did David get to be David? How in the world was he able to, at a young age, take on such responsibility, have the favor of the Lord, trust in God to fight the battles, make wise decisions, and … Read more

Five Things to Balance as you Teach Children & Youth

Here are five areas that every children’s ministry leader needs to balance in their ministry. 1) SCRIPTURE a. Make Scripture a foundation to the work – in your preparation and in your presentation. b. Teach them to learn, love and live Scripture – for life. c. Help them memorize Scripture – to hide God’s word … Read more