The World Needs An Alive Church

valley-of-dry-bonesSpent time in Sunday School last week talking about the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel.  Some of the conversation began to center around the church and how the pastor looks out on the congregation praying that they will come alive and grow in faith followed by amazing things.  As we were speaking, these two thoughts occurred to me.

1) Just like the dry bones came together, the church can come to life when each person in the congregation comes fully alive in Christ. The individual dry bones begin to move again and the Body of Christ is alive at work in the world in real and powerful ways.

2)  Just like the spiritual leader of congregation may have a desire to see the congregation come to life, people searching for hope found in Christ,  also need to see the alive congregation. They need to experience the love, peace and grace in a personal and tangible way.  Do they see that in your church?

The world needs Jesus.  And they need us to live as Jesus called us to live – alive, free, grateful for all he has done.


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2 thoughts on “The World Needs An Alive Church”

  1. Now listen to Skeleton Bones, a worship chorus by John Mark McMillan who wrote He Loves Us. It was clearly written with Ezekiel in mind. It will stir your bones.

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