Small Town Church VS. World Wide Impact

small churchI recently drove by a sign for a church that read, “Small Town Church, World Wide Impact.”  The clever tag line for this church got me thinking and though it’s fine, I wondered if it should be reversed – World Wide Church, Small Town Impact.

First of all, the church is huge!  Every congregation, any size or style, is part of the Church – the bride of Christ.  It’s truly world wide.  And the church will and is making a world wide impact through Christ: giving, justice, mission and prayer.  Those things are extremely important, but the thought occurred to me that at times, the church may overlook opportunities to make an impact in their home area.

I once heard a Longhorn Steakhouse Manager wisely say, “If you want to be America’s favorite steakhouse, you have to be your community’s favorite steakhouse.”  It’s true.  If the church is going to have worldwide impact, the best way would be for each church to make a difference in the life of their communities and region around them.

How is your church at work in making small town impact today?  How are you making a difference in your community and region around you?


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