The Church Can’t Do It?

the church is people The church can’t do it… This post is for believers who may have, over time, slipped into the bad habit of thinking the church is the building where we meet on Sunday.  I know when pressed, we all know the church is people, but here’s a little reminder.

The church can’t feed the hungry – but people can.

The church can’t house the homeless – but people can.

The church can’t reach the community with the light of Christ – but people can.

The church can’t take chicken noodle soup to the widow – but people can.

The church can’t bring love into a home – but people can.

The church can’t fight injustice – but people can.

And when all of God’s people live out the life Christ called them too, the church is a powerful, changing force in our world.  It’s a reminder that the church is people –  God’s people – living as the body of Christ in the culture around us.

What specific role are you playing in the church?  Without your part, there’s something that won’t happen.


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2 thoughts on “The Church Can’t Do It?”

  1. Actually I think a church (building) can house the homeless 😛
    Being serious for a moment, I agree. Too often we wait for the magic to happen or the leadership team to do something. The church is made of people, people can do things.

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