The Power Of “Daily” Part 2

I recently talked about the power of doing something “daily” in our lives. When we take little daily steps, we are transformed.

The five things daily things I mentioned were 1) prayer 2) Bible reading 3) dying to yourself 4) giving and 5) investing in relational banks. [read the post] 

Here are five more practical daily things we should be doing daily…


Routine exercise can transform your life with better fitness, more energy and clearer thinking. I try to walk each morning and do stretches with resistance bands both while at home and on the road. Every little bit helps and I can tell the days when I don’t do it.


Reading a little bit each day will really add up. My goal is to read five books a month. I usually read a little in the morning. Using audio books helps too – and can really make a difference if you’re commuting or taking a trip!

Get Good Rest

So easy to say, so hard to do. It’s fun to stay up late now and then, but on a regular basis, my life is much better with proper sleep and rest. Create a good night time routine. Set out your stuff for the morning. And mentally think about sleep and rest as a preparation for the next day. All of these things help me get good sleep and wake up early the next morning!

Plan Ahead

It’s good to reflect on what you have done during the day and make a plan for the following day. This not only helps move you toward the main goals in your life; it also makes your days have a chance for efficiency. I typically try to create a to-do list before I leave the office and then brush it up later in the evening so I’m mentally ready for the next day.

Learn Something

Try to learn something new each day. Learn about a new route or landmark. Discover a new place to eat. Learn something new about your spouse or family. It doesn’t have to be big, but be eager to learn something new.

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