Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement should be approximately 50 words or less and should motivate you after reading it each morning. It should take some time to craft. After letting it settle in a few days, it can be tweaked. Since it’s yours, you can change it when you need to so it can have an impact on your motivation. I hesitate to share mine for fear that you would think yours needs to be like this. But for the sake of example, I will share it below

Here’s my personal mission statement:

My mission is to make every moment count as a faithful, adventurous, fearless follower of Christ, being a creative, faithful, fit, fun and providing husband and father; an easy-going brother, son, and friend, while serving the church – from a prayerful and childlike relationship with Jesus – to a greater impact through serving, writing, music, relationships, fundraising, speaking, dreaming, leading and being a life long Harvest worker.

Use this worksheet to create your own personal mission statement.

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