I’m Going To Be Praying…

It’s been an awesome summer of ministry.

Last week, we were at Beulah Holiness Camp and one of the messages was on the power and importance of prayer. I know this is a common lesson and message, but on this particular night, I was struck by the preacher’s tone in his voice when he said, “the older I get and the more I experience, I’m beginning to come to realize that prayer is so crucial to God’s work in the world.”  He went on to tell some stories about some experiences where people were so faithful in prayer that the outcome was miraculous.

The message resonated with me that evening. I am involved in so many ministry events through the year that I find that I can slip into a formula driven approach. Tell enough people at the right times about the right program and it will certainly be successful. I’m not against publicity and spreading the word, but if I had to choose between one or the other, I want to say I would choose prayer.

For these next few weeks, I’m going to be praying for the Harvest school year events. I’m going to be praying for the students who will be invited to attend. I’m going to pray that student’s schedules miraculously open up on whatever weekend their group is planning to attend. I’m going to pray for boldness, for leadership to come out of the woodwork, for finances to be available, for host churches to be filled with energy and generosity, for details to come together easily and for God’s word to transform the hearts of the next generation.

These are the events I’m inviting you to join me in praying over:

September 16 – Worship Night – Troy, IL

October 5 – The Well For Youth and Children’s Workers – O’Fallon, IL

October 12 – The Well For Youth and Children’s Workers – Normal, IL

October 27-28 – Ignition Middle School Conference – Troy, IL

November 10-11 – Renovate Youth Conference, Arenzville, IL

February 9-10 – Renovate Youth Conference, E. Moline, IL

February 23-25 – Fire-Up Sr. High Conference, Troy, IL

March 3 – The Light Kids Conference – Washington, IL

March 10 – The Light Kids Conference – Marion, IL

March 24 – The Light Kids Conference – Troy, IL

April 7 – Girls Conference – Troy, IL

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