Importance of Coaching

Coaching gives us an outside perspective on our work and leadership. It’s through questions and conversations that many discover how to get things moving forward in their ministry, personal goals or leadership. I have been the recipient of great coaching on several fronts.

Coaching Brings Clarity

Coaching allows for a new perspective which will often bring clarity to the situation. Living with and through something that we are personally invested in makes it difficult at times to see the big picture clearly.

Coaching Enhances Intentionality

No one intends to coast, but it happens to the best of us. What intentional ways are you working to ensure your ministry leadership is effective and growing?

Coaching Encourages Creativity

There are ways to solve problems, bring energy and initiate new ideas – we just haven’t thought of them yet. When challenged to think in new ways, a person will typically surprise themselves.

Coaching Breeds Discovery

What gifts do you have and what gifts are growing in you?  Who around you is able to take some of the load?  Coaching helps us learn more about ourselves and our team.

Coaching Produces Accountability

Much like any deadline, a coaching relationship keeps us thinking. We progress because we know someone will be asking us about it sooner or later.

This fall, we are tweaking the format of The Well, a seminar for local church youth workers and children’s ministry leaders. In addition to the gathering, we are also offering five months of personalized coaching to each participant as a follow up to the session. The gathering itself will be held in two Illinois locations and will include the three hour session and a meal together with other area ministry leaders.

Two sessions of the personalized follow up coaching will center in on the topics covered during the gatherings, “More Than Enough Volunteers” and “The Emotionally Healthy Ministry Leader.”  The other three coaching sessions will center around your specific ministry and areas of needed growth for your church.

Harvest has partnered with Ministry Architects of Nashville, TN. This organization, led by Mark DeVries, strives to help churches build sustainable ministry.

I think one great benefit of outside coaching is the concept of sustaining a ministry.  Ministry to the next generation is often stunted because of brief leadership tenures. Building a solid foundation in ministry will help create an atmosphere for long term growth and health.

Have you had a coach in ministry?  Has your student ministry or children’s ministry staff experienced this before?

The 2017 Well is a great way to be introduced, at a very affordable rate, to the concept of outside ministry coaching.

I hope you will join us this fall in one of two Illinois locations – O’Fallon, IL or Normal, IL.

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