5 Reasons Why Your Students Should Attend A Conference…

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Student Workers throw away countless postcards and invitations each year for weekends events and conferences. In fact, I bet there is a conference, retreat or other event we could take our students every weekend.

Do they need another one?  Probably not for the sake of just attending. But, I could argue the answer is “yes” they do need to attend a conference or a retreat.  Here are some of the reasons why youth workers should set up opportunities for their students to attend a weekend event.

1) Students Change. They are only involved for four – six years and then they graduate. You as the ministry leader, may have been attending the same weekend retreat for 15 years, but that doesn’t lessen the impact on your students.

2) Students Need to Experience Different Settings and Perspectives.  There are many ways to do this, but one good one is to attend a retreat or conference weekend.

3) God Often Speaks Quietly.  For most of our student’s lives, they are everything but quiet.  Strategically inviting students to pull away for a weekend a couple times per year can be powerful and transforming.

4) Weekend Retreats Boost Community Building.  Want to have stronger relationships with the students in your ministry?  Attend a weekend conference together as a group and build the memories that only taking a trip can do.

5) Frees You Up For Other Ministry. We really don’t need every youth worker planning a retreat or conference two times per year.  Attending one that is already set up frees you up to continue building disciples in your own group.  It does require some effort to get your students in one place and the same time, but that’s why you should consider pulling in a volunteer event coordinator.  Here’s a sample job description you can use to invite someone into that position.

There is a need to balance home church discipleship and opportunities away! Both are so important. One of my visions for Harvest Ministry is that we would create weekends that student ministry leaders and churches bring and send students. We love planning and being a part of Ignition, Fire-Up, The Light, The Well, Spiritual Life Nights and other weekend events!  Find out more at Harvest Conferences.Org.


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