Volunteer Student Ministry Event Administrator Job Description

Weekend events, retreats, lock-ins, mission trips and summer camps all come with territory when you are serving in youth ministry.  And administration of these events becomes a full time job!   However, this is one area where delegation is quite fruitful.  There are many benefits to delegating the administrative part of a weekend event. It’s project based and therefore easier to manage and invite people into and most of the work is behind the scenes.  With someone in charge of paper work, payments, t-shirt sizes and registration information, the event itself turns out much better for everyone involved!

Here’s a job description for someone in your church or on your team who might want to tackle the challenge before your next student ministry event:

1)      Be available to go on the trip (this isn’t totally necessary, but can be helpful).

2)      Be in prayer about the ministry event.

3)      Get the needed registration information from the event website, make it simple, concise, mass produce it and distribute.

4)      Help get the word out on Facebook, Instragram or online in other ways (the person, depending on their gifts, may need assistance in order to get it on the church website, etc).

5)      Send reminders about registration deadlines.  Makes sure adequate information is in the newsletters and other ministry publications around the church.

6)      Collect forms, payments, and registration information from the students.

7)      Compile the forms and payments.

8)      If you are doing fundraisers for your group or your church does “ministry accounts” for students, this person can help keep this straight.

9)      Handle physically registering the students and leaders for the retreat, conference or event.

10)  Help with housing assignments (or other special assignments) with the help of the youth pastor / leadership team if needed.

11)   Collection of all t-shirt sizes (if applicable) and ready to go for ordering.

12)   Contact parents and families with packing lists, travel plans, leaving times, pick up times, etc.

When the event is finished, this role is finished. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel for whoever was involved in it. They can see a project come to completion.  And if the person really found it to be in their giftedness and passion, they can help as these need arise!

Congratulations, you have just added 30 hours to your life.  And you have given someone a chance to be active in meaningful, life changing ministry.

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