Ignition Middle School Conference 2012

Dear Youth Pastor,

I hope your summer ministry went well. I’m praying for you as you head into the fall – the fields are ripe for harvest!

This fall, we are again hosting the Ignition Middle School Conference in Troy, IL. I love this simple weekend of sharing the love of Jesus with middle school students and I want to invite you to join me in doing just that.

I know it’s not easy to get a group of students to a weekend event, but here are the steps:

1) Add the event to your calendar.

2) Personally invite the middle school students in your church and their friends to register. Click here for individual form.  And here’s the group form for one leader to fill out.  

3. Collect the registration forms (quite possibly the hardest part!) Click here for 9 free ideas for getting forms in on time.

4. Send in their forms, the registration fees and the group form (you just need to fill this out).  This may be something you can delegate – sign an adult up as the key leader for this weekend and invite them to take care of the details of registration. Here’s a job description for a Volunteer Event Administrator.

5. Arrange transportation to and from the event in Troy, IL (there is a really great deal on the registration rate for sponsors / adults) –  this a great opportunity to invite some people to spend the weekend, investing in the students from your church and building memories!

6. Pray for the hearts of students as they attend this special event.

The speaker is a guy named Andrew Spainhour.  He was a youth group kid back in the old days, and has grown up to be a articulate speaker, a passionate God follower and a physics teacher in a local high school. He brings lots of energy to share each session with the students.  Andy Raines, the Passion Painter, will also be with us at Ignition Conference 2012 . We are also hosting the 2nd Annual Tootsie Roll Festival for the Saturday Afternoon activity. Back by popular demand, this event will be an opportunity for kids to have fun and to be connected to others!  Harvest will also be leading music and taking part in the ministry – leading small groups, etc.  We are looking foward to it!

All the meals and program costs are covered in the registration fee. If your students would like a t-shirt, the will be available for purchase at Ignition.

Overnight housing is not provided at Ignition, but in addition to the three motels just one mile from Troy UMC, here are some other possible housing scenerios for your group:

1)      If you are close enough, drive back to your church and spend the night. You might want to set up the schedule as more of a retreat than a lock in. Maybe even have the air mattresses / cots set up and ready to go before you head out for the event.

2)      If you are close enough to Troy, spend the night in a home (or a couple homes) or your church members. Maybe have the girls go to one house and the guys to the other. This also adds a retreat feel.

3)      If you are coming from a distance, the motels are really fun, but if you want to save money, contact a local church about the possibility of staying there for the night.


Pray with me as we reach middle school students with the hope of Jesus!

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