Stop Doing Ministry and Start Building a Team.

The truth is, you will never be able to do all that you need to do on your own.  Most of us as church staff, look around, see what is needed, then roll up our sleeves and jump in.  It seems noble, but it’s really doing harm to the church.  By you doing it all, you are robbing people the joy of serving.  You are serving in roles in which you are not gifted.  You are bottlenecking the possibilities of people getting involved.  You are filling your schedule with doing instead of leading and coaching.  You are making it hard on yourself and those you lead.  And you are creating a chaotic culture that doesn’t involve the body of Christ.

Building a team for ministry is the answer.  It doesn’t mean you stop working.  It doesn’t mean you do less.  It means you involve people, using your time and gifts to build up the church by equipping people.

To be honest, it’s more difficult to connect, engage, coach and build up people than it is to do it yourself.  But the long term fruit is much more powerful and effective.

Here some thoughts about developing ministry teams around you:

1. Modeling is important.  Always be willing to do what you’re asking people to do.  You are inviting them to use their gifts. There are times when you need to work along side people to help them understand what you want them to do.

2. Encouragement is important.  You need to be encouraging and following up with the people on your teams to make sure things are getting accomplished and that they are motivated.

3. Expectation is important.  Let people know what you expect. Help them as they are going through the process. What gets inspected gets done.

4. Responsibility is important.  You’re still ultimately responsible as the leader.  When your ministry team succeeds, pass the credit along. When something doesn’t work so well, shoulder it and learn for next time.

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Recommended Books:

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I guess the title of this blog is slightly misleading – because in building a team for ministry, you are doing true ministry in ways that will last way beyond your years on this earth.


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