The Light – a cabin in Indianola, Iowa

All five Harvest guys were escorted to the cabin at the very bottom of the hill.  It was so dark, I couldn’t even see the outline of the building until were standing on the porch.

We walked in, got settled and the first thing we saw was a cockroach.  It was immediately killed with a borrowed sandal, while everyone began to share the degree to which cockroaches gave them the creeps. Someone wondered if there were more.  The answer was, “turn off the light, then turn it back on in a few minutes and you’ll find out.”

Cockroaches love the dark and scatter with the presence of light. One of the guys who had made known his disgust of the little creatures, said, “so, does anyone have a problem sleeping with the light on all night?

His tone of voice was halfway joking, but nobody really said much.  When everyone went to bed, they left the light on.

The light it such an important part of what it means to be in faith.  The light keeps us walking in the right path.  The light pierces the darkness.  Jesus said he was the light of the world.  Exposing.  Illuminating.

The next morning, I work up early – about 5:00.  Realizing the light was left on all night, I took advantage of it and began to read a book.  It’s been long time since I’ve had a chance to wake up, stay in bed and have a light on to read a book!

As the guys woke up, each had a story about the light.  One guy was grateful because he had the go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Another guy was grateful because he felt better about no cockroaches.  Another mentioned that he was grateful for the light because it made him keep his face covered, and it was so cold in there that it helped him.

A light in the midst of the dark unknown is so important.  In adds up in scripture that Jesus called himself the light and also called his people to be light.  To be like a city on a hill.  It tranforms darkness.  It brings hope.  And it keeps the cockroaches at bay.

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