Spiritual Fruit Comes From Remaining

Jesus is the vine, we are the branches. Nutrients from the vine don’t just show up once in a while; it’s the constant, ongoing flow of power from the vine to the branch. It’s why the word “remain” is mentioned so many times in John 15.

It’s a matter of constant connection – and without it, there will be no bearing fruit.

The Greek root word is “mino” – which means to abide, stay, do not depart, stand, be present – and it is a verb.

But though it’s an action word, it can too easily be disguised.

We may try to passively remain. We would like to think we’re abiding in God’s word or staying in his presence, but we may fall into a place of doing it half-heartedly, living off the past, or only in the presence of others.

Another danger is to replace abiding with doing. Too often I tend to chalk up the business of ministry with being close to God. I love this quote:

“I find that I keep offering God my service when what he wants is my fellowship.” -John Paul Warren


True remaining is active – being near, staying connected – in a genuinely authentic private connection to Jesus and his word.

My prayer is to bear fruit. My prayer today is asking for forgiveness for trying to do it on my own or in short, quick spurts. Help me Lord to remain – seeking you each moment for strength and leadership in my life.







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This is a great devotional to use if you are looking for a new season of remaining!

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