The Difference Between Fruit and Results

When service produces fruit, God is glorified (John 15:8). You can get results by following surefire formulas, manipulating people, or turning on your charisma; but fruit comes from life. Results are counted and soon become silent stats, but living fruit remains and continues to multiply to the glory of God. – Warren Wiesbe

This year, my prayer is for fruit that lasts.

I once heard that when bank tellers are being trained to spot counterfeit money, they don’t look at fake bills, they only look at real ones. They feel them, hold them up to the light, mark them with a pen, and sniff them. The bank counts on tellers knowing the “real thing” so well that counterfeit money is immediately recognized.

Results can be good, but they aren’t always fruit. The “real thing” is fruit. It’s the goal of the disciple and of the church.

Results are numbers; Fruit is transformed lives.

Results are static; Fruit continues to multiply.

Results are noticed; Fruit is celebrated.

Results are forgotten; Fruit is remembered.


Let’s pray for fruit from our ministries and lives this year.

We will work hard, we will strive for good results from the efforts we invest, but we will trust God for the fruit that will last.

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