Create Time For Community, Connection and Conversation

Sundays are game day for most local church worship teams.

As a result, it gets busy. There are a lot of details; everyone is working to get their part done, and the morning flies by!

One role for the worship leader is to be the cultural architect. If you want your group to be supportive of one another, connected to one another, and all moving in the same direction together, you have to help set the pace.

These three simple things aren’t just for the extroverted or the long-term team members. These three components can help draw people to your ministry and keep them there. They are free, they are simple, and they can become a part of your culture! These are some things you can easily begin to incorporate within your team over the next few weeks.



Whether you have the same worship team every week or rotating band members, you can build community. A community can be defined as “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” You can develop community when you: 1) pray together during rehearsal and before worship, 2) include the tech team, band and vocals as one group, 3) when you host a potluck or lunch group after worship, 4) when you get t-shirts for the team 5) or when you just simply send out updates about what is coming up!


Do you have all your team members’ contact information? Are you connected on social media? Have you created a Facebook group or other digital community for your team? There are a number of ways to provide a weekly connection. But speaking of phones and devices, maybe one of the best things you can do to help build culture amongst your team on Sunday morning is to encourage them to keep their phones put away, make eye contact, engage with other team members and the congregation, and, in general, take part in old-fashioned fulfilling connection with the body of Christ. It’s the beauty of being geographically close and together each week.


It may seem simple, but asking questions is a great way to help spur your team! If you can, be there plenty early for rehearsal so you can be set up, ready and have ample opportunity to talk with team members as they arrive. On Sunday, do your best to listen and encourage. You don’t always have to tell your stories – you can also be an audience for the stories and experiences of those in your group. Conversations are a great way to encourage and engage with your team each week.

You can do all of these in the name of Christ as you serve faithfully in your church!


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