Three Reasons A Church Should Reach Outward

It’s way too easy for churches to coast. Urgency is a gift. If we’re not moving forward in ministry, we’re moving backward. Reaching outward is part of the mandate for success. Nothing is as devastating as a church that is focused solely on its individuals, bickering over things that don’t have eternal significance, while the … Read more

Create Time For Community, Connection and Conversation

Sundays are game day for most local church worship teams. As a result, it gets busy. There are a lot of details; everyone is working to get their part done, and the morning flies by! One role for the worship leader is to be the cultural architect. If you want your group to be supportive … Read more

12 Things Every Church Ought to Know About Their Community…

The beauty of the church is that it literally everywhere. There are roughly 50 million people in the United states who called themselves believers and attend worship on a regular basis. In fact, in the United Methodist world, there are way more UMC’s than there are McDonald’s in the country – almost three to one.  And that’s … Read more