Pizza Church

pizza church picI experienced something new last night.  A church here in Wisconsin has “Pizza Church” every Monday evening.  The music and preaching are a duplicate of Sunday morning, but the setting is very informal.  The congregation gathers in the fellowship hall, has worship, then has pizza together every week.  It’s a community within a community and most of the Monday night worshiping church isn’t there on Sunday, though a few of the core leaders attend both.

The idea was great, but wasn’t new.  As I have been reading the book of Acts, this really is what the church is about.  Meeting together, having meals together, building community, learning the Word and supporting each other in the faith walk.

pizza church music

I’m also inspired by the creativity this church had to begin this now five year old ministry.  Though the church seems healthy and strong with great leadership, I don’t think one would consider this a mega church or an urban setting.  In fact, it’s probably polar opposite.  But they have been faithful to move forward, build community and create opportunities for people to worship and fellowship together other times than Sunday morning.

We had the privilege of playing along with the music during the evening service.  The band was as informal as the service itself.  But my favorite part, after all the music, preaching and prayer were completed, was when the pastor said, “Pizza Be With You.”   Then they ate together.

It was a fun night.


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