One Helpful Phrase For Eating Healthy

Weight loss tips are everywhere you look.

I’ve always enjoyed flipping through books and articles on the subject to see what I can learn. If simply reading about it made weight loss happen, I’d be set!

But unfortunately, action is required.

I recently read through Mike Huckabee’s book Quit Digging A Grave With A Knife And Fork. In it, he prescribes 12 “stops” in order to regain a healthy perspective on food.

One helpful phrase I got from this book has come to mind several times lately.

He said that “being fit ‘tastes’ better than that piece of cake, pizza or candy bar.”

For now, this little perspective has been really helpful for me. Of course, eating a piece of chocolate would taste good, but not nearly as good as losing weight, being fit and staying on top of health goals.

I believe that spiritual health is of utmost importance, but we can’t underestimate importance of wholeness. Our physical lives impact our mind and our actions. We must be good stewards.

And lately, this little phrase is helping me do that!

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