Impressions Don’t Matter To God

I never thought about it before, but impressions don’t matter to God. There’s nothing we can hide. We are fully known. There’s no point in trying to be someone we are not. God knows who we truly are – and loves us.

Sometimes we feel like we need to clean ourselves up before we approach God – this is for both believers and unbelievers. But God’s grace is what cleanses us. He loves us first – receives us and embraces us.

As Steven Furtick says in his book, Unqualified, Jesus encountered people at their worst – he met them in the messes they were in. He forgave and healed them. He loved them and believed in them even when there was nothing lovable or admirable about them.

Once we experience God’s grace in our lives, we want to live our lives to glorify Jesus! And then we still mess up! But one thing is for certain: God already knows. There’s no reason to try to hide it. There’s no reason to try to fake it.

Run to Jesus. Seek his forgiveness.

Impressions don’t matter to God! Boldly approach the throne of God just as you are. Today. Mistakes and all.

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