5 Ways Every Worship Leader Should Prepare For Easter

Easter is victory! It’s a day of celebration like no other for the church!

For worship leaders, preparation is really important. Here is what you can be working on now:

The Schedule

Who will be on the team for the Easter worship services? If you have the same worship team every week, make sure they are all on board. If you have a rotating worship team, be sure that your members have confirmed for that Sunday. Easter is an especially good day to put your best foot forward.

The Music

What songs will you sing? Can you be “practicing” a new song for Easter now? You don’t want to pull out new songs for Easter Sunday – you want the congregation to be able to sing and celebrate, not be trying to fumble through.

The Special Touch

What is a unique thing you can do? Maybe you did something to celebrate Easter several years ago and you pull that back out. Maybe it’s a fresh way to decorate, set up, or enhance the worship space. Maybe someone has a gift for worship you can utilize – video, painting, dance, vocal? At the very least, begin working on the flow of the service to create a worship celebration that makes an impact.

Your Own Heart

How are you preparing your own heart? Are you reading Scripture through Lent? Are you seeking God through prayer and fasting? Are you looking toward Easter with anticipation?

The Sunday After

One component to a great Easter Sunday is a great follow up Sunday. If a guest comes on a big Easter Sunday and then returns the following week to a halfhearted attempt, it may be tough for them to stick with it. You don’t need to go big every single week, but the Sunday after Easter needs to be strategic and strong.

Praying for worship teams around the globe as we march toward the Easter Season!

Praise God for the resurrecting power that is alive in the church today.

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