Eight Keys To Learning New Things

Recently, one of my friends challenged me to do push-ups every day. He does 300 a day, but I’m starting off slowly!  It’s been so long since I have taken doing a push up seriously (maybe since PE class in high school) that I would classify that as something new in my life. I’m learning a new rhythm.

It’s easy to stick with what you know when it comes to worship ministry.

But I want to challenge you to never quit learning new things.

In the last few days, I learned about a new website for music. I learned what it takes to mount a 65 inch TV onto a brick wall in the sanctuary. I learned Sam’s Wholesale Club will patch a hole in a tire for free. I learned the song Reckless Love and sang it at church.

Over the last year, our worship team has learned so much. We have learned to have the whole team use iPads for lyrics and chords for worship services. We have learned lots of new songs using tracks. We have learned how to incorporate a worship/praise choir with the worship team on some Sundays. We are learning what is needed to combine four worship services into one on select Sundays through the year. We have learned about intentionally meeting on Sundays to pray for one another and help connect in community.

As the leader for your worship ministry, you must keep learning and inviting other to learn new things as well.

Keys to learning new things:

Be Open To Ideas – Are you willing to learn something new? Are you listening to others’ thoughts and ideas on how to improve or new things to try?

Study What Others Are Doing – When you hear what others are doing – through books, podcasts or conferences – you can take what you hear and see if it can be helpful if applied in your context.

Cultivate Curiosity – Always ask questions – ask as many as possible to learn all you can.

Prepare To Teach It – Dig in like you’re going to teach something new to your people. The teacher must be prepared and it’s one of the best ways to learn yourself.

Keys to helping others learn new things:

Instead of Saying “How?” Say “Wow!” – I first heard this phrase from Andy Stanley. To help others learn, keep the possibilities in mind, and don’t prematurely highlight obstacles.

Respond Lovingly To Failure – If you want your team to learn new things, you must create a culture so people aren’t afraid to risk.

Challenge People – Help your team learn something new by challenging them to learn something new! Just ask and set an expectation.

Spend More Time On Hard Stuff – If you want to help your worship team learn something new, it’s going to take some time. Investing some time in hard work will allow your team to experience the momentum that comes from incorporating something new.

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