Knoxville, IL

The Harvest Trip to Knoxville, IL on September 16, 2011 was a blast! I want to thank the team who served as the worship leaders that night. The team included Justin Aymer, Chase Weber, Sam Neff and Sarah Jahn. Me, Justin and Chase left Troy around 1:00 PM and headed up to the Galesburg area. Since Sam lives in Peoria and Sarah lives near the Quad Cities, they both met us there.

The event was held at the Knox County Fairgrounds and was held to celebrate the 180th birthday of the Knoxville Church. After the sound check (thanks Dale and Jim), we had some great pork chop sandwiches and Boston Crème Pie.

Rev. Chris Ritter was the preacher that night and a man named Bob gave an awesome testimony of how he started following Christ. We found out later that he will be taking on a church as a pastor in two weeks! It was a great evening of worship and ministry and we enjoyed being a part of it! Thanks JoAnne for inviting us and setting up the details. Thanks to the team who served and thanks toKnoxville Church – – you have been faithful in ministry for nearly two centuries! Blessings on you as you continue to reach out in the name of Jesus.

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