Geneseo, IL

Loraine Church in Geneseo, ILwas a place I had never been before. The church is out in the country and on Sunday morning, September 11, we were privileged to join in worship with the congregation. The special Sunday was called Rally Day – where the kids in the church moved up to the next Sunday School Class.  During the Sunday School portion, they had music, scripture reading, awards and because they had reached a certain goal, the kids got to throw a pie into the pastor’s face and into the Sunday school director’s face!  Harvest led music during the opening Sunday School time block.

Worship followed and myself, Sam Neff and Sarah Jahn led in music and witness for the congregation.  The congregation was friendly and warm and it was a great morning.  A huge thanks to Diane who helped arrange the morning.  You have lots of creativity and energy for sharing the gospel.  Also, thanks to the Croziers for their vision and motivation for ministry.  And thanks to Matt who helped with sound and spent Saturday evening with us as we set up. 

As we were leaving, the pastor invited Harvest to take a look at some sound equipment they had acquired but didn’t need.  We were able to receive a free snake and sound board that we are going to donate to one of the camps! 

Thanks to the church and to the Harvest Team that morning.  Following worship they had a great potluck and then we headed out for the Price Farm Jamboree – held in Rockbridge,IL.  A fun day of driving, ministry and connections! 

Blessings on you all at Loraine Church.  Keep people moving toward Jesus.  And, thanks for praying for Harvest Ministry! 

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