Kids Revival

It was a privilage to share in ministry at St. Matthew UMC in Belleville, IL during their fall revival.  Harvest led the kids ministry during the evening and it was really fun.  The children sounded great and listened well.  We sang all the standard kids songs, played a couple games and had a lesson on following Christ and what it means.

One thought that was interesting to me is that out of the three people helping in children’s ministry, I had known all of them as children.  It’s a privilage to be a part of a ministry long enough to see that kind of fruit.

I also took note of the fact that the children’s pastor there had just recently returned home from a trip to Disney in Orlando.  And one of the things she did that night was give every kid a gift she brought back (pencils, silly bands, etc).  A simple, yet powerful reminder, that people in ministry, who really care about their students and children, will have an impact that reaches far beyond thier own abilities.  The investment in the lives of kids now, even in small ways, will pay off as they grow older in faith.

The third thought, though it boarders on nothing more than nastalgia, is that the room where we led the kids event (the Park Room) is the same room I used to meet in on Wednesday night when I was a kid – learning bible stories.  It was also the same room where I helped lead children’s church when I was a middle school student just learning to play guitar.

Thanks St. Matthew UMC for your commitment to Jesus. Keep up the good work!  And thanks for inviting Harvest to come serve with you!

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