I Love To Do Lists – Here’s What I’m Using

nozbe logoI love to-do lists and recently, I’ve been using Nozbe to take it to a new level.  At first I started with the free version and then decided to sign up.

There are tons of benefits to Nozbe, but here are my favorites:

You can create projects with your to do lists in each one. This is great for someone who has three different jobs overseeing three different ministries each week.

Once your to do list items are in your projects, they pop up on your priority list spread out over several days so that you can accomplish a big project in bite sized pieces.

Nozbe is synced to everything – my phone, my laptop and the church office computer.  I can add things to the inbox where ever and whenever I think about them.

Finally, I like the green star approach.  Each morning, green start items (priority items) pop up on my phone.  I can easily do them, check them off, and my day starts off right.  Some of these check list reminders include praying for my family, for the church, for Harvest Ministry, reading Scripture and more.  It also includes household things that need to be done on a regular basis.  My list also includes things I want to do that often just don’t happen unless I’m intentional – things like play music at home with my kids two or three times a week.  I don’t tell them it’s on the to do list and for the most part, it just natural, but Nozbe helps keep it in front of me and it happens!

It may seem a little shallow to include prayer lists, scripture and family agenda items on a to-do list, but for me it has worked well.  I’m learning more and more that what gets calendared get done in life.  These things are too important to me to just happen here and there.

There are a million to do list apps – but if you don’t currently have one, try a free trial version of Nozbe here.


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