Are You Busy Doing the Wrong Things?

Most of us would say we’re busy.  It’s the number one answer, especially for ministry leaders.  And you are probably right.  You are too busy, but you may be too busy doing the wrong things.

busyI know I often wind up doing things that other people could more easily do and would be better suited for. At times, I check off to-do list items but never really get to the most important issues.  Some of this is just basic time management, but the fact still remains, there are things that we shouldn’t be doing.

Jason Hatley recently quoted a pastor who said that 85% of what you do can probably be done by a gifted high school graduate. Another 10% percent of what you do can be done by a college grad.  But 5% of what you do can only be done by you.

What are some examples of this?  Well, almost anyone can enter data into the computer (85%) but only you can exercise your body, be the dad to your kids, the husband to your wife, or the visionary for the organization God called you to lead.  We need to be arranging life so that we are able to do the most important things.

Make time to do the things only you can do!


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