To-Do List For Success In Life – 5 Daily Tasks

tipsforSuccessLife is a journey of days.  Each single day builds on the next and that’s what makes us who we are.  The choices we make now help shape the outcome.  And much like a farmer, if we don’t sow in the spring, there won’t be a harvest in the fall. Here are five daily tasks to do today and everyday to build a successful life:

Dream – Look ahead.  Take some time, even if only a few minutes, to get an overview of where your life is and where you want it to be. Dream of new ideas, ways to love people and to share joy in the world. Dream about your church and how you can use your gifts there. Dreaming a little bit can help put things in perspective and give you ideas for the steps to take.

Daily Disciplines – What are the three or four things you need to do to stay grounded – exercise, scripture reading, prayer, eating healthy, etc.  If these aren’t included in your daily routine, they will fall by the wayside.  They are so important for a successful life and a healthy, balanced soul. 

Delegate – Delegating is part of living successfully.  Whether your dividing up chores in your family or utilizing the gifts of those who work or volunteer with you, pass something off each day.  This not only frees up the schedule (to a certain degree) but it also allows for others to learn and grow.

Do – Good ole’ fashioned work is what keeps the world going around.  Jump in.  Don’t be afraid. Be a doer. If you have some major project that you need to do, start today. Get your plans together and then begin doing it.  Fight idleness and laziness. 

Dare – Take risks.  Love adventure.  Take a flyer.  Do something unexpected.  Love more deeply.  Open yourself up to friendships.  Dare to be all that God has called you to be!

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