Accept this Life Challenge: Go. For. It.

I recently ran across a great story in Calvin Nowell’s book, Start Somewhere.

He told of a New Year’s Eve worship service where the pastor said he had three words from God for each person there. After building suspense, the pastor said, “Here are the three words you need in this New Year, and I believe they are going to help you. The words are … Go For It!”

What simple advice! Why not go for it? Why not step out and do something that God has been calling you to do?

What is keeping you from taking a risk? What is stopping you from making a change? Where have you been hiding from the challenge before you?

Now is a good time to go for it. Make an attempt for God. Take a step of faith. What do you have to lose?

The world needs people willing to follow God’s leading and go for it.

Set aside fear and take up courage. Set aside past failures and pick up a new vision. Set aside personal insecurities and live in security, knowing you have done all you can to be what God has called you to be.

Go For It!

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