Faith: Outweigh Fear!

penny2My wife is a a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe.  In fact, a family friend even purchased an automatic hand sanitizer machine for our home – it’s about 4 foot tall, like you might see in a hospital!

But as much as she is careful about germs – using hand sanitizer in restaurants and other stuff like that – she does get quite delighted to find a penny on the ground.  No matter where it is, she will pick it up.  I always tease her that she won’t touch anything because of germs, but then she will pick up a penny or a dime from a gas station parking lot and cheer about it.

Her love of finding a penny outweighs her fear of germs.

That’s the way I want my faith to be.  I want the desire to live faithfully to outweigh my fears.

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